Wednesday, 11 July 2007

DOT - Damage Over Time

In the game I played a character who had the facility to inflict damage over time... as well as massive sharp force trauma (too much CSI)... but having had to engage a little more with what we gamers refer to as "real life" of late it seems that there are plenty of things in this world of real life willing to inflict damage over time on real people.

I think back to the times when the gaming community I was (and still like to think I am) part of to an extent lost one of its members to real tragedyof real life I wonder if we truly appreciated that which others were going through... I know from my own perspective that losing a friend at a young age is hard... I lost a good friend of mine named Daniel Liam Munday when he was but 19 years old and 4 days younger than I was... he was a very good friend although I knew him for a relatively short time... less than 2 years.

Now I visit my mother and watch the fairly rapid decline of her health... she needed to loose a few pounds admittedly... but the weight loss that she has gone through in the past few weeks is shocking... I lost the same roughly after a bout of serious food poisoning... 4 stone in a few weeks.. but she hasnt the stomach for eating and today I visited to see her but found myself initially looking at the face of a stranger. Chemo has her hair gone... very GI Jane I might add... but it's somehow not right on someone who is almost 65.

Lung cancer and all the other crap she has put up with... raising the three sons she has for starters and a husband who loves her to bits but cant seem to be able to help no matter how hard he tries as well as her life spent in the care of others... and at each turn she has to deal with yet more obstacles... the latest of which is the announcement today that she has tested positive for MRSA....

The Damage Over Time element of real life seems so much harsher than the DOT of a game.